Sardinian Handicraft

Sardinian handicraft includes several distinct products, made by hand in little workshops of Sardinian master craftsmen.

Ceramics, carpets, gold filigree, knives, tapestries, shawls, artistic works in wrought iron, stone and marble, hand woven baskets, wooden masks of the carnival tradition, leather goods, traditional clothing and furniture skilled by hand by wood artisans, all these activities are characterized by elegance and uniqueness.

Contact us for more information about guided tours in the most important workshops where you can buy manufactured products, from authentic Sardinian traditions.

We would also like to take the time to remind you that by buying counterfeit products, you are not only seriously damaging the continuation of Sardinia’s ancient and time held traditions, but you are also damaging a very unique and precious community.

Please respect our diverse culture and economy and refrain from buying counterfeit goods, which is deemed a criminal offense in Italy.

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