Sardinian lakes are mainly artificial.

The only natural one is the lake of Baratz, located close to Alghero. The most interesting of the artificial lakes are Omodeo Lake, and the Lakes of Coghinas, Cedrino, Gusana and Liscia.

For those passionate about wildlife and nature holidays, lakes are for sure a great alternative to those offered by the mountains and the coast; while spending your holidays close to one of the Lakes you can enjoy many different activities ranging from fishing, canoeing and riding to sailing or boat riding.

Whilst we are talking about the natural parks, it is impossible not to mention the National Park of “La Maddalena”, the Asinara National Park and the National Park in the Gulf of Orosei and Gennargentu. Interesting protected areas include the Historical and Natural Geominerario Park, the Nature Park of Molentargius, the Park of the Seven Brothers, the Giara Park, and the protected area closed to the lagoon of Santa Gilla.

Other interesting areas, relevant for their environmental heritage, are the Protected Marine Parks of Carbonara Cape, Tavolara island, Capo Caccia, Asinara Island and the Marine Park of the peninsula of Sinis.

Sardinia’s coastline also offers a diverse array of stunning sea cliffs as well as beautiful sandy beaches that rival the charm of the Caribbean and Maldives: you just have to plunge into the crystal clear unspoilt waters of our sea, or to have an excursion to the many marvelous beaches located all around the island to appreciate their beauty.

During your stay, please do not forget to plan an excursion to witness the delight of the pink flamingos, known locally by the name of “genti arrubia”, which literally means purple beings. To get the chance to admire them up close you do not need to get a flight to Caribbean, France or Tanzania… you will find them indulging in some of the most beautiful natural areas of Sardinia: the ponds of Molentargius and the lagoon at Santa Gilla.

If you are devoted to comfort and relaxation Sardinia is excellent at providing locations for those seeking tranquility and some indulgent relaxation; the Thermae of Fordongianus, the Aurora in Benetutti, the San Saturnino in Bultei and the Sardara will be able to provide you with plenty of treatments and many a natural tonic.

The Mountainous areas too are an exciting destination for enjoying our beautiful nature and abundant wildlife; the rocky areas around Gennargentu, the Arcosu Mountain and the Gorropu cleft. Whilst not forgetting the Arci Mountains, the area around Bruncu Spina and Monte Spada (which is one of the highest in Sardinia), both with the Limbara Mountains are among the most impressive you will find on the island.
Up in these mountainous regions you will not only have the chance to breathe the fresh-chillymountain air but you will get the opportunity to enjoy the most authentic wild nature Sardinia can offer to its visitors.

Trekking among the valleys and mountaintops will give you the chance to admire many falls and rivers, which can be crossed by foot or by canoe… a never-ending adventure!

Just in case you are planning a stay close to Santadi, Ulassai, Fluminimaggiore, Dorgali, Alghero or Baunei, please, don’t forget to visit the caves of Is Zuddas, Su Marmuri, Su Mannau, Ispinigoli, Bue Marino, Neptune Caves, Saint John’s Caves and the Meraculu: all of these are very charming for the beauty of their scenery as well as their geological importance.


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