Eat and drink

The ancient tradition of sheep and cattle farming, as well as the exquisite attention to detail in the consumption of good wine and good food, enables Sardinia to produce a wide variety of excellent local products.
Their genuineness is essentially due to the high quality of raw materials available and that they have been extraordinarily mixed, in order to produce many unique and robust flavours. This enables them to disclose the real taste Sardinia... bite after bite... sip after sip...
Let us then discover the most revered products of our island!

Wines, spirits and crafted beers

Wines are among the most attractive products of Sardinia.

In Sardinia lots of superior quality wines and spirits are produced and all of them are well appreciated all over the world because of their organoleptic properties.

Among the wide variety of Sardinian red wines available, we recommend the following: the Carignano of Sulcis, the Cannonau, the Monica, the Bovale and the Mandrolisai, all of them are excellent with meat and cured meat.

Among the wide variety of white wines available we recommend the Vermentino, the Semidano, the Nuragus, the Vernaccia, the Nasco, the Moscato and the Malvasia, all of them are excellent for pairing with an aperitif or to be matched with fish and cheese.

For the ones devoted to artisanal beers there is a wide range of ales and lagers suitable for their discriminating taste, all of them excellent for pairing tasty aperitifs or to be matched with fish or meat.

Lastly, impossible not to mention the spirits like Mirto, Limoncello or Filu 'e Ferru, the most acclaimed of the liqueurs of Sardinia, all of them excellent for concluding the meal or to be sampled after the traditional coffee.

Olive oil and saffron

The olive oil of Sardinia is one of the produce-excellence of the island.

It is one of the best olive oils of Italy and definitely a fundamental ingredient in the Mediterranean diet.    It is a must with salads, with toasted bread with slices of fresh tomatoes, with Sardinian buffalo milk mozzarella and with many homemade dishes.

Whilst on the subject of spices a special mention is deserved of saffron, a spice widespread over Sardinia and used for enhancing the main dishes colour and flavour as well as its prolific use in desserts and pastries.


The quality and the genuineness of Sardinian cheese is well-known all over the world.

Due to the high quality of the milk and to the great workmanship of Sardinian cheese producers, visitors can taste many authentic Sardinian delights: the leading Sardinian cheese is, undoubtedly, the Pecorino, obtained by sheep’s milk, but the Caprino too, obtained by goat’s milk is widely appreciated.

The best way for tasting these dairy products is by pairing them with a good glass of wine (red or white... it does not matter!) and serving them with a small quantity of handmade jam or local honey.

Meat and cold cuts

Sardinia has a thousand-year old tradition in farming and producing excellent meat.

If you are fond of traditional cuisine, you cannot miss maialetto arrosto, roasted suckling pork flavoured with mirth, or capretto arrosto, roasted goat, or cinghiale in umido, steamed wild boar.

If you feel daring and devoted to very strong flavours we suggest the cordula, roasted entrails cooked into a sheath made of the animal intestine itself and generally served with a glass of red wine... a Sardinian one, obviously!

Among cured meats we strongly recommend salsiccia, the very traditional fresh Sardinian sausage, an excellence-produce of our land, and the prosciutto crudo barbaricino, a superior quality of ham produced in the inner part of Sardinia.

Honey & Jams

Honey and jams produced in Sardinia are excellent organic products well-distinguished because of the quality of raw materials involved.

Excellent for having at breakfast or for a break, they give their best when matched with cheeses.

We recommend strawberry tree honey, which is quite bitter but delicious and the prickly pear jam, an authentic delicacy among Sardinian products!

Honey and jams, are often used also to prepare traditional pastries.

Pasta fresca & bread

Fresh pasta is something typical in traditional Sardinian cooking.

You can’t miss ravioli, a traditional orange or lemon flavoured pasta filled with ricotta or the culurgiones, which consist of stuffed ravioli filled with mashed potatoes and mint, a delicacy typical from the inner part of Sardinia.

Both of them are generally served in a tomato sauce added to that is a local superior cheese: the pecorino D.O.P

The very well-known Sardinian first dish is malloreddus alla campidanese, which is generally paired with a good glass of red wine, as well as the fregula, a type of pasta formed into small balls
and generally cooked with seafood.

Beside the pasta a special mention should be made of the traditional bread, which can boast a wide range of varieties; the civraxiu and the coccoi, just to mention the most acclaimed, as well as the pane carasau. Maybe the most famous traditional bread from Sardinia, which consists of several thin crispy round-shaped slices made of durum wheat, consumed during the meal or served toasted with some olive-oil and salt as a snack.

Sardinia has a thousand-year old tradition in producing decorated bread for special occasions, like weddings or religious feasts, during which local bakers produce authentic masterpieces in order to celebrate in a special way those most special of occasions.

Fish & crustaceans

Fish is quite widespread in Sardinia, especially in those areas located close to the sea and to fresh water sources, so it is something that a tourist can’t really miss to taste during their stay in Sardinia.

We strongly recommend aragosta alla catalana, a typical dish from Alghero, which consists of steamed lobster served with fresh tomatoes and onion salad, as well as the burrida, typical dish
from Cagliari, which consists of dogfish served with a sauce of walnuts, olive oil, garlic vinegar and spices mixed together.

A delicacy for sure is the bottarga, pressed and dried roe of either tuna or grey mullet, which is considered the Sardinian caviar.

Last but not least... the sea urchin, a delicacy to be tasted uncooked and fresh from the sea, served on a baked slice of bread previously dripped with some olive oil.

All these products deserve a good glass of white wine in order to enhance all of their flavours.

If all our suggestions make your mouth water then, you must go to Carloforte, in order to taste tonno alla carlofortina, the local tuna-fish cooked in the traditional way.


Last but not least… the desserts, authentic Sardinian delicacies.

They can be tasted in several situations: having for breakfast or for concluding a meal as well as for sampling a fragrant cup of tea.

The names of the pastries themselves disclose their own peculiarity: the Bianchini, the Amaretti, the Mustaccioli, the Papassini, the Pardule and the Pirichittus, just to mention a few of the most acclaimed.

It is really hard to decide on which to indulge in but, if a suggestion is required we would recommend the following delights: the Seadas, a crisp deep-fried pastry filled with oozing cheese and lemon peel, soaked in warm honey, then the Pardule, the pastries made of cheese or ricotta, and the Gateau, made of sugar, honey and almonds.

Almost all Sardinian pastries can be paired with a glass of Moscato or of Malvasia (a sweet wine produced in Bosa).

We hope that the suggestions mentioned above made your mouth water and push you to taste these truly authentic Sardinian delights.

These original Sardinian products are the ones exclusively produced in Sardinia so we recommend to buy and consume only the ones who’s origin is clearly defined.

Distrust the numerous and badly-made imitations!

All the products we mentioned above are on sale all over Sardinia.

We would also like to inform you that many local companies would be glad to welcome the inquiring visitor.

Do not hesitate to contact us in case you need some more information about guided-tours focused on wine and food tasting, or in case you need to know where to buy genuine local products in
Sardinia; it will be a pleasure for us to help you in your search for the authentic!

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